By importing products for orthodontist`s daily practice, the company sets a goal to keep the accepted quality standards, despite the pressure of the market. Here is the list of the companies we are cooperating with. Forestadent, PSM, and Teledenta are the manufacturers of high quality orthodontic products, that are produced in accordance with all applicable German regulations and standards, what confirm the reliability of production and quality materials.


Orthodontists nowadays have some difficulties in choosing bracket systems, tools, etc., because a lot of manufacturers offer a wide range of “the best” for the doctor. We believe, that in addition to the quality standards, the attention should be also paid to clinical experience of the world-renowned experts who consult the company. Products, imported by us are manufactured under the control of such names as Domingo Martin, Björn Ludwig , Ronald Ronkone, Benedikt Vilmes, Aladin Sabbah etc. Our products are used by leading specialists of RA, who are always ready to share their experience with colleagues.

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